Month: July 2017

Chantelle’s Story: Jonathan

by Pinpoint National Photography

“While I’ve had the pleasure of having more than one male ally (my father Greg Grant, and my first boss out of post-secondary, the late Philip Guishard), I would say my #1 fan is my husband Jonathan. As an ex-pro athlete, motivational speaker, and business coach Jonathan has the ability to push people beyond their comfort zone.

When Jonathan and I met, I was in transition period in my career. I needed a break from what I had been doing for the last 6 years which was Sport Administration within the Olympic Movement & Major Games. I was at the time, working a job that was not close to my abilities and was discouraged. Jonathan really showed me just how transferrable all the skills that I had developed were. When I was ready to look for a new job he was beyond supportive, and reached out to his many contacts to help find my new career path.

In addition to that, Jonathan’s entrepreneurial mind is always thinking about ways that my ‘passions’ can be used to earn money. As a fitness enthusiast, I dabbled in the thought of becoming a personal trainer but never committed to it. Jonathan supported me whole-heartedly and pushed me to become certified much sooner than I ever would’ve on my own. One of my first clients is even a dear friend now!

When a prospective job came up that did not align with my experience, Jonathan was the first person to remind me that it wasn’t always about what was on paper, but who I was as a person and that the company believed I could get the job done…and done well. He is always graciously reminding me of everything I have accomplished (and yet to accomplish) when I feel inadequate in my career.

Jonathan guides our family (which is just him and I for now) and always makes sure we are doing what we need to do to be ready for our 1 year, 3 year and 5 year goals both for us personally as a couple, and for our professional selves as well. He keeps me focused, grounded and challenges me even when I don’t necessarily want to be. When I’m nervous about making decisions, my husband reminds me that I’m a force to be reckoned with, and that even if I make a bad one, there will be other opportunities.

He is an ally that knows the world cannot function without women, and shows me how grateful he is that I support his business, and other endeavours.

I love that I have someone in my corner who appreciates me just the way I am, and that being me and my skills are good enough!”

Chantelle, Candidate Care Specialist, Stryker Canada, Hamilton ON