About the Project

The Corner of the Court leverages positive stories to encourage men to play a visible, active role in championing women in the workplace.

The project features the stories of men who have positively influenced a woman’s career or professional life, told by successful women.


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The Research: How Are We Making An Impact?

Visibly sharing these stories helps build men’s confidence in their abilities to influence positive change; research from Columbia University found that men are more likely to continue to support diversity, when they are made aware their behavior has made a difference (Bhide, 2017).

This personal storytelling approach also supports the important concept of Unconscious Advocacy — that men often display positive, supportive ally behavior, that they may not be aware they are showing (Bhide, 2017). Often, when our women share their stories through the project, her male ally will comment that he had no idea he was helping in such a meaningful way. Making these stories visible helps show that men can make a difference just by tapping into their natural levels of empathy.

At Corner of the Court, we know that men have strong capacities within them to be champions for change. Our mission is to acknowledge, nurture and leverage these capacities to make men the strong diversity leaders and allies they are fully capable of being.